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Mission Statement

Established by the Eliaz Family and Friends, Amitabha WellnessFoundation is a 5013c non-profit organization dedicated to expanding innovationand access into integrative and mind-body medicine—with a focus on breakthroughmedical developments, educational events, and charitable giving.  

It is our vision to promote the physical, mental, emotional,social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of people across alldemographics.  

Amitabha Wellness Foundation is passionate about helping those in need, and a portion of our work is devoted to providing holistic services and support to local homeless children and youth, through our primary charity division, Our Kids’ Sake.

Innovative Medical Research & Development

Innovation, research and development into integrative and mind-body medicine is at the heart of Amitabha Wellness Foundation’s mission and work.

Founder Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, Lac — physician, researcher, educator, and meditation teacher — leads the innovative medical research and development activities of Amitabha Wellness Foundation. Our goal is to make available innovative, life-saving medical treatments and protocols that are substantiated through high-impact peer-reviewed publications and clinical application.

As Medical Director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Santa Rosa, CA, Dr. Eliaz specializes in integrative oncology, cancer prevention and treatment, as well as integrative protocols for chronic, degenerative conditions. One area of treatment Dr. Eliaz has pioneered is the use of Therapeutic Apheresis blood filtration, as an adjunctive therapy for cancer treatment and prevention as well as other inflammatory conditions.

Retreats & Education

Amitabha Wellness Foundation is the sponsor of low-cost to no-cost workshops, retreats and educational events focused on teaching meditation and mind-body healing practices in a dynamic, supportive group environment. These events are open to everyone, with additional CME units offered for licensed acupuncturists at select workshops.  

As a life-long meditation practitioner, Dr. Eliaz is trained extensively in meditation and its utilization in healing. He combines this diverse background with decades of clinical expertise, to offer a unique and practical model for meditation and mind-body healing. Together with co-presenters in areas of Qi Gong, Yoga, and additional practices, these workshops offer simple yet powerful methods for increasing personal healing capacity and the ability to heal others — through the transformative power of an open heart.

Dr Eliaz teaches in Israel, through our sister foundation, Amitabha Foundation Israel.

Our Kids' Sake

Sonoma County, CA has over 1,000 children and youth experiencing homelessness, without adequate access to basic necessities.  

Our Kids’ Sake was originally founded in 2010 to help these children—our most vulnerable community members—escape poverty and hopelessness. OKS works to increase access to nutrition, basic supplies like clothing and personal care, education and other services, through work with local shelters and social services.  

Our Kids’ Sake is currently engaged in a project to install drinking water filtration systems in homeless shelters in the SF Bay Area, with the goal of extending to shelters serving children throughout California and beyond.  

We believe that all children deserve equal access to health, education and quality of life. Investing in our children is the highest priority for a sustainable and just future.